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Dawn Pfeufer
Artist & Evidential Medium   


Rev. Dawn Pfeufer is a minister, at The Journey Within Spiritualist church. Being an active member of The Journey Within as an accomplished spirit artist, medium & psychic. She also teaches and mentors others in learning psychic, mediumship, and spirit art abilities.


She's studied under and worked with the best Spiritualist mediums and tutors. Dawn's also had the good fortune of experiencing the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England several times. 


She's demonstrated platform mediumship at several Spiritualist churches in the U.S and in

The U.K.  Her work has been published in books including Psychic News Magazine. 


Dawn is taking private appointments both at The Journey Within and in the community. Outside of New Jersey or out of the United States, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Phone, and Zoom are available for readings-

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Private Reading With Dawn  (Phone, Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp readings available)


A private one-on-one reading with Dawn is for those who wish to reconnect with their loved ones in a comfortable private setting. This type of reading is detail-oriented towards you and always stays confidential. Dawn can always tailor a reading to fit your needs. (With or without Spirit Art * Please make sure you are in a quiet place/room with no distractions for your session and have a pen and pad to write notes if needed


Spirit art is when I connect (mediumistic) to a loved one in spirit asking for guidance while sketching. I set the intention to draw the loved one in spirit, with that being said I have had many different outcomes... For example, some drawings have been a mix of loved ones... or a person in the family connected to them that are living... also different ages the list goes on... It's always changing and evolving  


• Approximately 45 Mins - $125 (mediumship or a mix of psychic with cards and mediumship, combination)

• Approximately 45 Mins mediumship with Spirit Art - $150  

• The drawing may only be the essence of a loved one • No guarantee who is drawn (Please read the FAQ for more information)

Auragraph Reading 
(Sorry...not taking any new orders at this time)


Auragraphs were originally known as Symbolic Art developed by Harold Sharpe in the 1930's.  Auragraphs are information that's intuitively received from the recipient and drawn using design and color. 

For each custom drawing I use an ink pen and Prismacolor pencils, the reading for the sitter is my interpretation using my senses (the artwork is on an acid-free 8.5 x 11 paper suitable for framing).



The artwork comes with a personalized half-hour reading about the elements of your auragraph that can be provided in person or mailed with a typed reading along with the artwork. (Most are done remotely - for people living a distance away or outside the United States).  For best results please provide a photo and date of birth ahead of the reading.


This type of reading is done at: 


The Journey Within 

Church Office & Chapel
25 Carr St.
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442 


Please, E-mail Request To:  Phone: 973-616-9685 (With your name, day of birth, and picture)  The drawing will be done prior to your 30 min.  reading appointment. They are also done remotely and the recipient will receive their custom drawing with a typed reading mailed directly to them - additional cost of postage- also some sent in and outside of the United States (Thank you for your interest and patience as there is a waiting list for auragraphs and they take time to create) $200. 

• Please contact me to customize your reading. I'm happy to create a special experience just for you.

Readings Provided At The Journey Within















Mondays   12 - 6 pm

Wednesdays   12 - 6 pm

Fridays   12 - 6 pm

by appointments only

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Disclaimer: These services and the use of this website is for entertainment purposes only (adults 18 years of age or older). The readings that Dawn provides are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information given, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, I have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. All these services are never a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from a qualified expert on the subject needed.

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