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(Sorry...not taking any new orders at this time) Auragraphs are information that is intuitively received, I draw the images and colors that come to me for the person being read.  I take note of how I feel about each symbol, number, color, and image I draw. Once complete, I then relay the information to the sitter.


We hold so much information in our forever-changing auras. It varies depending on the circumstances of the individual's life and how they are feeling on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.  


These readings are also done remotely and the recipient will receive their custom drawing with a typed reading mailed directly to them - additional cost of postage- also some sent in and outside of the United States postage may vary (Thank you for your interest and patience as there is a waiting list for auragraphs and they take time to create) $200.  *  Plus Extra cost for postage)

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