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I've drawn these portraits without the use of photographs and without any prior knowledge of the departed loved ones. It is spirit alone that guides me.

These drawings were done when giving readings. I pass along any information I get from their loved ones and let the spirit guide me.
I always give the drawing to the sitter to keep after taking a photo of it for my personal records. I really appreciate it when they send me photos of their loved ones so I can compare.  Sometimes the drawing bears a resemblance to the actual photos, other times it’s the essence or prominent traits that are drawn.


The sitter must keep in mind there is no guarantee that I will be inspired to draw the loved one they wish. It's important to keep an open mind as the spirit has guided many types and combinations in the drawings (example: I may connect to a mother but draw their sister or even a combination of loved ones, each reading is different... at times I am even inspired to draw a person connected to the one in spirit who is living but not sitting for the reading... as a little "Hello" to them, it has been very interesting the many ways they will work and continue to change).  
I truly feel so honored, blessed, and thankful for spirits connection.
Thank you to all the wonderful people and departed loved ones I have met also letting me have a peek into their lives.



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