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How do I prepare for a mediumship reading?


The best way to prepare for a reading is to come open, excited and ready to enjoy your session. Talk to your loved ones in advance and express your gratitude for them communicating. They already know you’re going to get a reading and are usually waiting for you with the medium on the day of your reading! Working with the spirit world is very healing but every reading will be different.


Don’t expect that you can control the reading, you can’t and the medium can’t. Some loved ones in spirit are stronger than others and some are better communicators than others. Just be open and go to a medium you trust. When you are able to trust the medium, you leave your fear and skepticism behind and bring gratitude and positive energy into your reading.


How do loved ones in spirit communicate?


Loved ones in spirit communicate using the mediums six senses (Clairvoyance means clear seeing, Clairaudience means clear hearings, Clairsentience means clear feeling, Clairalience means clear smelling, Clairgustance means clear tasting, Claircognizance means clear knowing) Each reading is unique just like our loved ones in spirit. If a loved one was a great speaker in life they may come through as a great communicator and be heard while some come through with very strong emotions.  We keep our personality when we cross, so if we're quite or shy here when we cross we may use another sense to communicate with the living loved ones. They will also use symbols, picture images all different combinations to get their message through. All of these techniques help create the pieces of evidence and messages confirming that your loved ones are in your life.


What to do when getting the reading?


Be open, try not to focus on hearing one specific piece of information that you want to hear, doing that may cause you to miss out on other valuable information. Our friends in Spirit are in a place of higher knowledge, unconditional love and forgiveness. They are not coming through to make life decisions for you, they know we are all here to learn and grow. They want this opportunity to let you know you are not alone and they can still support and guide you! The best way to get the most information is to let the medium do the talking. Yes, no, I don’t know or I’m not sure should suffice.


How often can I get a reading?


In my opinion, I suggest waiting for at least six months or more between readings. I want my clients to trust that their loved ones are just a thought away (loved ones in spirit can hear you without the use of a medium so do talk to them, knowing they only want the best for you). Readings can bring hope, healing, a new perspective on death, a new perspective on God, Heaven, peace, strength, clarity, and serenity for the grieving. There is no avoiding grief, please do not become dependent on any medium that encourages you to come back frequently for more readings or other expensive services or goods such as expensive crystals or candles.


How would you define your art? Is it a medium art?  spirit art? Or something totally different?


I don't feel there is a right or wrong title for what it is, it's more of what you, yourself feel comfortable calling it. It depends if I want to paint a picture that was inspired or if I'm doing something more specific such as an auragraph or a spirit portrait. If I do an auragraph I will work mostly psychic and draw the images and colors that come to me for the person being read.


When I do a spirit portrait, I set my intention and ask a loved one to guide me as I draw. Each family member or friend in spirit connects to me differently. I will see the loved one sometimes, other times just draw from a feeling I get. The sketch sometimes will look very much like them other times it will be just the essence of them. Depending on the loved one in spirit, they will even correct me... such as the nose is smaller or make me look pretty. It is always a magical moment and I feel blessed each time I get to participate in reconnecting loved ones. I feel both of these examples are spirit art, from drawing one's own spirit as an auragraph to drawing a portrait of a loved one who has crossed over both being spiritual artforms.

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