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A big heartfelt thank you for your kind words and support. I am grateful to have crossed paths with such wonderful people. Blessed to have connected to your loved ones in spirit. 


Mediumship review


Dawn gave me an incredible reading over zoom!  I was blown away by the detail and depth of her information and the true feeling of being with my loved one.  Her evidence and personal accounts of our time together, our experiences now and details about the person that no one has ever brought through before, were really amazing and wonderful.  I am very moved by Dawn's mediumship reading for me and would do it again any day! Highly recommended!



- Nicole Newman  (Canada)

 auragraph review


To be seen, known and understood at your soul level is the greatest gift anyone could receive.  Thank you, Dawn, for giving me that priceless gift.  I found Dawn through a recommendation by Mavis Pattilla, one of world’s most respected mediums.  I sent Dawn a photo of myself, my first name and the month and day of my birth.  A few weeks later, I received an absolutely stunning original piece of frame-worthy artwork that was chock full of meaningful symbolism.  The artwork alone spoke to me, but it was also accompanied by a six-page written summary, explaining what Dawn was thinking when she chose certain colors or items to depict in the auragraph and why and how she felt these things related to me.  She was spot on in every single detail.  Amazing.  If you are like me, you may sometimes wonder who the “real you” is.  Is it the person that your spouse knows?  Your parents?  Your siblings?  Your friends?  Your co-workers?  We often show only a portion of ourselves to others.  The auragraph and written summary saw me, as I see myself.  It was very validating.  I highly recommend that you give yourself or someone you love this beautiful experience.


- Sherry Schultz (Louisiana)

auragraph review


I had the honor of an aura-graph reading from the very talented and lovely Dawn Pfeufer. My reading and aura-graph are beyond words beautiful, and I highly recommend the experience. When I opened the package — which by the way is, for real, the cutest artsy packaging ever — I started to cry happy tears holding the aura-graph in my hands. The feeling off it is strong, and I feel very connected to this spiritual gem. It’s provided validation and comfort and lots of joy! If you want to experience this bit of fantastic, too, then e-mail The Journey Within:



Alejandria Kate  (California)

Mediumship review


I had two sessions with Dawn and I have been to several mediums and there is no one better than Dawn. Her capability along with her compassion is incredible. I learned so much and Dawn described the people I needed to contact exactly as well as my situation. Thank you, Dawn.​


Bill  (New Jersey)

Mediumship review

Peace, love, respect, and amazement


It has been one LONG year and a half. 3 MAJOR losses in our lives. Dawn had zero information while in a random chat (we are old friends who have lost contact) told me things about my dad and mother inlaw NO ONE could just know or guess. I had the HONOR of being with my mother inlaw until the end and it was a traumatic experience. She through our Mimi let me know I did just as she had asked and wanted. Described my dad to a T and he even sent her my mom's nickname that is NOT known outside the family. I have more peace from one session than I have had in months. You are the real deal. Not to mention loving and so compassionate. My love, heart, and gratitude are forever yours.



- Kimberly Dauphine (Louisiana)

Mediumship review


"Dawn, I just want to take a moment to thank you for the reading the other night. Not only did you connect me with my father but you referenced a possible move that no one had a clue I was considering. (Well, someone did!)


There was so much I got from that brief session and it was incredibly accurate. It is always a gift to be connected with the spirit world. Your reading is unquestionably one of the best - if not the best - I have ever experienced.


Thank you again! You are truly gifted!" 



- Patti (Connecticut)

Mediumship review


"Dawn has truly been a blessing and joy to have in my life. It has been extremely enlightening and heartwarming to hear her readings and advice.


I must admit I was a skeptic at first but when a few close friends lost a loved one and decided to use Dawn as a conduit. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was scared at first as human nature usually causes us to fear what we do not understand. 


As I saw the tears of joy and thankfulness, I realized how special that moment was. Dawn’s gift was truly a blessing for these close friends of mine. I could not believe that even though Dawn lives states away she patiently gave them a nice message from the passed loved one also a beautiful art portrait. It helps them remember that she was still with them even though she has passed.


From a personal perspective, it is very helpful to get insight and sometimes unique foresight that is not always clear to the human mind but always easier to translate through Dawn’s unique insight."


- J. Kaminski (Michigan)

Mediumship review


"Working with Dawn inspired me to recognize my own truth. She was able to lift the veil of confusion and my own preconceived ideas, thus allowing me to see,(which I later implemented with great success), a new path."


-H. Clewett (Arizona)

Mediumship review


"Dawn has a transcendent gift and I am very grateful that she could share her talent with us. She was able to describe my wife's grandfather in such striking detail, and the advice he passed along through her was invaluable. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in learning from loved ones who have passed beyond."


-W.B. Rea (Washington)

Mediumship review


"I have seen Dawn's mediumship both one-on-one and in larger group settings. She consistently delivers during her readings with powerful intuition, solid validation, and meaningful messages often combined with life-like artistry. I have sat with talented mediums in the past but a session with Dawn is truly one-of-a-kind."


- Patrick (New Jersey)

Mediumship review


"Meeting with Dawn was affirming and eye-opening. Before she even sat down with me, she had tapped into what it was I was meant to hear. Her abilities are so profound that she even had an exact name connection to someone in my family. A few short days after our meeting, I experienced the unmistakable sign she said my grandmother will be sending to me. Now every time I see it, I smile and thank Dawn for allowing me to receive the message. I walked away knowing my loved ones are with me and helping me from beyond and I am equipped with a better understanding of what is before me which has allowed me to think powerfully about the choices I am making. There is no doubt that Dawn has been gifted with a powerful intuitive sense, allowing herself to be used to communicate important messages which help move others into their fullness."


- J. Paulin (New Jersey)

Mediumship review


"I have had the blessed opportunity of working on the platform with Dawn... and experiencing her beautiful artwork and inspirational messages. She is a gifted, sensitive, and gentle soul. A wonderful medium."


  - God bless. xoxo Dale (New Jersey)

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