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Signs and Symbols

Have you ever asked for a sign or symbol? 

Have you then gotten one and asked for another sign to prove that the first one was a sign/symbol?  It can be hard to trust at first, second-guessing is like second nature at times (believe me I know).  Try it, let your thoughts be carried in the wind... you will be answered.  The more awareness you have the more you will see and notice.  Your loved ones want to reconnect as much as you do.

Let me tell you about one of mine:

I have a symbol that appears in the clouds...(I do feel amazed and honored when it appears) I ask if I am on the right path (we all have our self-doubt at times) I say "You show me the path and I will do my best to follow.  I want to be of service."

I have many conversations with God, angels, spirit or guides...  Lol anyone who is listening about this journey...  That has ups and downs twist and turns.

In return for my babbling questions of the unknown....  I get a heart shape in the clouds...  I could be jogging or walking down the city street and get a feeling I have to look up at the clouds...  And a heart appears (sometimes in other heart shape forms too).

It's magical every time!  It always makes me smile or giggle like a 9 year old....  I feel loved and guided....

I don't always have my phone to snap a shot, but here are some to share with you.  So please give it a go...  I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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