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Floating in the power

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

I had a wonderful opportunity that came about so I jumped at the chance to experience it.  What am I talking about?  Going in a float tank (sometimes called a pod).  So what the heck is a float tank? It is just that... a pod that is filled with 220 gallons of water and mixed with 1100 pounds of Epsom salt.


The skin temperature mixture allows you float effortlessly.  The title of this post reads "floating in the power"... if you are not aware of "sitting in the power" or "sitting in silence" I will tell you it is a practice that mediums use to build their awareness & power, to become attuned to and blend with the Power of the Spirit World.  This is not to be misunderstood we're not trying to make contact with our guides or spirits.  This is an energy, a soul connection with the divine.  Sitting in the power should be done in a place of no distraction and be mentally receptive. You may see colors or feel vibrations the sensations felt are never the same twice (I can only speak for myself).


My husband came home one night after hearing about athletes using the float tank to help with muscle and joint pain.  He was having some knee issues at the time and asked if I wanted to go.  I said "YES!" without hesitation.  I thought this would be the ultimate place to sit in the power.


I truly wasn't sure what to expect but open to whatever came my way. We arrived at the float Parlor.  We were greeted and escorted to separate rooms.  It really looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. The neon blue colored light streaming out of a huge pod (like a giant egg carefully cut open, laying on its side) making the room glow ... like a giant black light where the whites look super white and the blue light bathed the rest of the room in a purple tint (mmmm....pretty).  I first locked the door to my room, second I followed the protocol before getting into the pod. Freshly shower, check, no jewelry, check, earplugs in, check, wearing the same outfit I was born in, double check (yikes... I shoulda skipped that extra glazed doughnut) towel close by check, talking to myself... check (come on, I know you must talk to yourself to at times too!)


The sound of the ocean was being pumped into the speaker system. They do that for the first five minutes and the last five minutes to get you relaxed, situated and also help wake you up at the end in case you fall asleep.


I take a moment to take inventory of how my body feels so I can make note of any changes, next set the intention to "float in the power".  Stepping into the saltwater was surprising because it was not hot or cold...but perfect.  I step into the pod, sit down, and close the hatch above me.  Now I lay down and instantly become buoyant...(it felt like I was being supported by strong arms, I felt like a child learning how to float on my back for the first time...I giggled).  I reached over and push the black rubber button on the right wall inside the pod to turn off the neon colored light.  The pod is now pitch black.

I lay there floating in the dark abyss waiting for the sounds of the ocean and seagulls to stop ... thinking "why do they always pick ocean sounds for relaxation?  why not a babbling stream or wind running through tall grass or an orchestra of crickets at night?" (I'm not knocking it, just saying, there are so many relaxing sounds out there but the ocean seems to win out at most places...why?) Then bam... silence and pitch black... (even keeping your eyes open in the deep darkness has no effect because there is NO light). With my intention set and saying "I am here" I was ready as I ever could be.  I couldn't tell where my skin ended and the water began it was perfect!  I was in complete sensory deprivation.


Not moving an inch, I started to imagine a little light between my chest and belly getting bigger and brighter.  Picturing it going past the pod outside the walls...reaching the sky onward it went...  I then pictured an even bigger brighter light coming towards my light.  There we merged and connected... totally bliss!  I felt I was smiling (a warm feeling washed over me like a comfortable hug, but better) some dancing colors appeared... no vibrations this time but that didn't matter.  The ninety minutes went by at an accelerated pace, the ending ocean sounds poured into the pod signaling that it was time for me to get out.


Will I go back?  Yes, even if it's just to relax in the salty onyx stillness.


I would tell anyone to try or learn more about a float parlor as it has many other benefits:   • relief for chronic stress • increase creativity and mental focus • helps reduce chronic pain • enhance athletic performance and recovery • access a Theta Brainwave State often found in deep meditation and much more!

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