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I was like a fly on the wall during Trance Healing

I wrote this several years ago and thought I would post it now... but first

* What is Trance Healing? The Medium is basically a channel for the Healing energy that comes from spirit guides, helpers, angels, and Ascended Masters. This healing is never to take place of medical attention but helpful in conjunction with.

You can call me lucky or call me blessed because only a stone through away from my home sweet home is my biggest spiritual connection. This spiritualist church has been nothing short of life-changing for me over the years.

I have met and continue to meet like-minded people that feed my soul. This sacred place is a second home for many world-renowned evidential mediums and Spiritualists. It gives many people a place to pray, share, grieve, and give back to different diverse organizations in need.

With all that being said... a course in Trance healing was available, taught by a world-renowned Spiritualist teacher, historian, evidential medium, trance healer, and the list goes on...

I didn't enroll in the weeklong class, I would've loved to but couldn't at that time (I'm always up for learning new aspects and ideas in this realm).

Luck would have it that I got a phone call asking if I was available to sit as this Trance healer took his appointments and I was needed to be an observer or witness for each session.

My job would simply be to check the person's name off a list, ask them to shut off the phone (so no disruptions), escort the person in the room, and have them sit... I would sit directly opposite of them quietly until the session was over and escort them out. I was excited, I figured this would be a huge learning experience. I mean how often does anyone get this chance?

I went early to the church so I could make sure I understood what was needed of me. I had a few questions on what exactly my job would in tale.

The Trance healer said "You sit the person in the chair next to me, I will already be in trance. You then sit in the seat across from us - as a witness. When I'm done you escort them out." It seemed too simple, I asked: "Wait, do I tell you when the time is up?" Thinking when seated my back would be against the wall clock and I wanted to make sure I stuck to the schedule. He replied, "Oh, no spirit keeps time not me." It seemed like no big deal, it's second nature to this Trance healer. Almost as if it was a strange question to ask. I was completely caught off guard in his answer and couldn't wait to be witness to it all!

Being early I sat in the hallway with the list of names and did some mental notes of my own, I thought ok Dawn, look for colors, and temperature changes and engage all your senses to feel anything or nothing... stay aware!

It was time, I welcomed the first on the list, a lovely woman with a gentle smile. Asked "Name?"... check, "please shut off your phone."... check... I asked "Have you ever sat for trance healing before?" and she replied "yes" so she knew the protocol, great!

We entered the dim-lit room quietly, He was seated already in trance as he had mentioned. I had her sit next to him, seated only a few inches in front and a bit off to the side. I quietly walked a few feet to my chair and sat. He started by saying to her "Do not discuss why you had come in today, they will know and work on you as follows." Her eyes were shut and his as well... Mine, wide open, and ready for any experience if any. I could see clearly as the room was just slightly dim making it easy to take notes in my mind.

I started to feel a change in the room... I thought "Wow, that was fast and unexpected." The air was heavier or thicker is the best way I can describe it. As time went on I was surprised I felt the temperature in the room change, I was sure because I felt a bit chilly. My eyes were fixed on her as she sat motionless and relaxed, next gazing at him... his face shifting and contorting in small movements, not in a scary way but slightly changing. This made me think that maybe the reason for the seating arrangements as not have the person receiving the healing to somehow be distracted if they opened their eyes... I don't know just a guess.

His hand was hovering behind her shoulder blades, looked as though a small cushion of air was between them. As the time was coming to a close he suddenly seemed to come to a lighter stage of trance kinda like waking up a bit... is the best way to describe it. He spoke to the woman softly asking... "Do you feel any different ?" She answered, "I saw some colors by my eye and I felt something at my right temple." He continued to speak in the third person and knew the details of the condition of her eye without it ever mentioned by the woman... she validated it all with a clear "Yes." I sat in awe. He asked her to take a deep breath and his face twitched looking as if he was going deeper in trance... He spoke again saying "This will continue to heal in ways of the next week... It may not take it fully away but certainly help". He seemed to come to shortly after and I knew the session was completed. I stood up after his closing words escorting her out to the hall and left her with well wishes. Next was a gentleman, we went through the same routine. I again noticed the different changes and even some colors... (in my minds eye). I was trying to pay attention to it all... again spirit had him complete his healing session at the proper time... I turned my head to check the clock seeing 30 minutes passed, wow, I was impressed.

The biggest changes I witness were yet to come with the next sitter who would be waiting patiently in the hallway. I knew the next person waiting and consider her a friend. I was happy to see her and gave her a big hug. I know she is a trance healer herself and knew the drill. There was no time for small talk as he was ready for the next on the list. It started the same as the others... He spoke in the third person and deeper he went into a trance state.

Feeling the rooms changing energy with my soft gazing eyes staring just above them. It almost looked like a web of sorts but the strands of white faded into nothing. I focused on keeping my gaze soft and slowly an image of a man appeared behind them. I didn't move not even wanting to breathe because I couldn't believe what was happening. I didn't want to risk missing a thing... so I tried not to blink or move at all and just observed. The man was larger than life, wearing something that looked like a costume... I had never seen this type of outfit before a long golden cloak and puffy sleeve thingies. He had long wiry white facial hair and an interesting yet simple looking hat. He seemed to be pointing to the left corner of the room... I was afraid to look, I didn't want to take my gaze off him... as fast as he appeared in seconds he seemed to fade away... maybe it was my very own undoing because it was hard to stay in the moment frozen as it took place.

Refocussing on the sitter, she moved slightly... He softly spoke saying "Do you feel different?" She replied "yes." He asked her to stand ... As she stood without hesitation our eyes met... hers eyes bulging out in disbelief (because how easy and fast she was able to stand). He asked her to walk a few steps and to sit back down after... in mid-walk she decided to bend over and touch her toes... she exclaimed it had been 20 years since she could do such a thing. I again was in awe, taking it all in... she returned to her seat. He again asked if she felt anything and she said "lot of heat on her back on the injured area." He spoke about what may have caused the situation and she gasped, it seemed to all make sense to her.

He went deeper into trance as she shut her eyes again... I was thinking of what an experience to witness... Knowing her, made that much more remarkable. A few minutes passed as he started to wiggle his left wrist circling it in a clockwise motion... His eyes opened slightly looking at me... I felt kinda like a deer in headlights... Not knowing where to look... Do I look away or keep looking at him? His face contorted a bit, shutting his eyes moving his wrist in the same circular motion... opening his eyes again looked at me saying "This is for you... your wrist has been bothering you."

"Well... SHUT THE DOOR!" I said to myself. I softly said "yes"

Thinking, ummmmm, no one knew that for the past week, pain in my wrist would wake me up and kept me awake at night. I wasn't even sure what the heck was going on with my wrist. WOW, DID HE JUST SAY THAT? He even used the same motion I would in trying to relieve my wrist at night.

You might be thinking ... "who was the being I saw as the healing took place?" The answer is... I don't know. I would love to be able to say why, who and know details about him etc... but maybe I'm not supposed to know... maybe it would have been too much at that moment for me to understand... who knows? maybe, I will come across him again... or maybe, what was experienced was exactly perfect... whose's to say?

Is it possible that part of the experience played just a small part in it all, and that the smaller details played a bigger role...?

In all that happened... and in that timespan was enough to try to digest.. In short, my mind was blown!

That night and the nights that followed I was able to get rest! I didn't wake up from any pains! Now that is something! I am very thankful and will never forget that entire experience!

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