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My Mysterious Gift

This little story is about an interesting occurrence that I'd like to share. I, like many, if not all, struggle from time to time with a little thing called... "LIFE"


I find sitting in the power, connecting to the Divine/God, or sitting in meditation, connecting to myself/soul, helps me in times of chaos .... not to say it's easy to shut life off like a light switch- 'cause, that'll never happen!

Having that moment, allowing yourself the chance for clarity or just getting some needed quiet time. Not always getting or needing an answer but accepting anything or nothing with no expectations ... just be in the moment. I feel you will always get what you need by doing that, even if it's so subtle you don't realize it at the time of receiving... and that's ok.  You get what you need not necessarily what you want.

I share a lovely office with another psychic medium named Jill. We have become fast friends and enjoy working together. We hold meditation nights from time to time. On one of those nights, something unforeseen happened.


It was a grey overcast evening with thick mist hanging from the sky above. I was looking out the huge windows that expand across the front of our sacred space.  I was wondering if our meditation group would show or not due to the weather as I continued to chat and prepare with Jill. When preparing for the night we plan the type of meditation, whether to use singing bowls or tuning forks what music etc.... one thing is consistent, we always start with prayer before anyone arrives.

Sometimes we randomly pull one prayer book from a stack, other times we make our own prayer up as we go... whatever we feel drawn to do. That night Jill flipped open a book and wouldn't you know, the prayer theme was rain and thunder.. "perfect!"

Our group arrived and we all settled in the quiet with the soft mummer of thunder and rain from the sound machine in the background (it seemed appropriate). Jill's pleasant hypnotic voice quickly took us on a guided journey. Little did I know this time it was the beginning of a deep and impactful lesson for me. Being incredibly relaxed I went with my flow of images, colors ... anytime my minds thoughts popped in I acknowledged them and let them go... just observed each like an outsider in my own mind.

Jill took us through glistening waterfalls and warm healing pools a beautiful staircase to meet loved ones and guides who want to help us... at that moment I asked them in my mind "Please give me a tool to help me on my path" Well, to my surprise I was handed a frog... yes, I saw a brown little frog in my hand...?

With Jill's words, we were taken back from our introspective journey to being seated in a circle at the office. Wiggling my fingers and toes.. taking a sip of water, thinking about the frog. I actually giggled and looked towards  Jill saying "They gave me a frog". I wrote some notes of what I saw and felt from my encounter on a yellow scrap of paper. The group started sharing their own experiences.  As the discussion went on I slipped my yellow note into my pocket. I was thinking, was it some sort of fluke or mistake...? I'd revisit this later at home.

We said our goodbyes and locked up for the night, the mist now had turned into big drops of pouring rain... off I rushed to my jeep.  I couldn't help but think about the frog... I was so baffled that I was talking to myself as I drove home ... "So what does a frog mean? Did you really want to give me a frog? ... I love all animals but, that was unexpected ...How will that help me? mmmm...?"  As I got closer to my house I slowed down because something caught my eye on the road... my headlights caught movements... "Were these leaves blowing around? No, it's raining too hard they would just stick to the ground.. right?  Strange, it's not windy"


I stopped the jeep and got out, my eyes thankfully weren't playing tricks on me but I was shocked to see... a BROWN FROG,  with MANY BROWN FROGS! I  couldn't believe it... I said out loud "Ok, point taken" and shook my head in disbelief.  I grabbed my phone to document the appearance of my new friends before ushering each off the narrow road one by one (not wanting to run any over). Soaked to the bone by rain I sat still in my jeep for a moment amazed and digesting all the night's events... my mind was in overdrive.

For several nights afterward, I searched for my froggy friends at the same spot to no avail...  Standing alone on the road... I caught myself "Why?  Why did I want to take away that AMAZING GIFT given to me by spirit on that rainy night? Who am I to somehow prove if it was or wasn't a freak incident... How dare I..." not in questioning what took place, but in trying to deny what was handed so clearly to me in meditation and in the physical!  I felt remorseful. The frog's meaning and symbolism completely resonated with me. At the time, things in my life seemed to be spinning out of control and I was desperate for guidance or a sign. I need to remind myself to be aware in good and especially in difficult times. I'm incredibly grateful for everything that played out that night... and the lesson that followed.


This story serves as a reminder of my error, so I will always try to EXPECT NOTHING, ACCEPT ANYTHING with GRATITUDE and welcome all of life's mystery and magic or I may miss the whole plot! 

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